TEDxRainier 2015

Guided by this year's theme, "Space Between," we'll spend the day exploring what lies between what is and what might be. Our speakers will explore inspiration and implementation, cause and effect, the intergalactic and the intercellular, the past, the present and futures unknown.

TEDxRainier 2015 is a one-day event that brings together top thinkers to share ideas with our local audience. Speakers from around the Northwest will deliver talks that challenge, move and inspire. In the spirit of TED's mission, "Ideas Worth Spreading," TEDxRainier offers a TED-style event at the local level. Our attendees come from a wide range of disciplines, ages and backgrounds, and share a bond of curiosity and desire to make a difference. Together we make the TEDxRainier event an important Northwest experience.

Our daylong program provides a focus and impetus for conversation and inspiration. The meetings and discussions that happen during breaks and at meals are a part of what makes this event so special. This year we will be putting a special emphasis on audience participation and interaction, creating opportunities for conversation among participants.

Join us to hear ideas worth sharing and to become part of TEDxRainier!

The amazing power of toilet innovation

Sometimes things we use every day can seem very unlikely places for innovation. Learn how new and inventive and creative innovations of the toilet can make an important and surprisingly vast difference.

Brian Arbogast is the Gates Foundation’s Director of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Team Global Development Program. He is working on a technology that could lead to the greatest improvements in health and longevity in the developing world. That life-changing technology? The toilet. As part of the Gates Foundation’s efforts to bring groundbreaking innovations in sanitation to the developing world, he’ll share exciting new designs, some already in use, helping to reduce cholera, typhoid, and more. A toilet that needs no water, no plumbing, and creates an end product that can be used in gardens? It is closer to reality than you think.

Teens must learn to craft a life they love

In this thought-provoking talk, Neel Baxi invites viewers to see how preconceived notions of success are hurting individuality and growth in teens.

Neel Baxi is a senior at Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington and an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate. The program requires rigorous focus on traditional academic subjects and an exploration of the nature of knowledge through the program’s unique “Theory of Knowledge” course.

Neel is surrounded by incredible rigor and constant demand for hard work and perseverance. This is also accompanied by some of the highest levels of stress and anxiety teenagers have ever experienced. The impact the current education system has on Neel and his friends prompted his interest in making schools and student culture better for everyone. He wants to change the way kids approach school and other high-stress environments, as well as the way adults serve as role models for the youth in their lives. In his free time he enjoys playing the guitar and ukulele as well as soccer for both his club, Eastside F.C., and for his high school.