Asteroids are closer than you think

Learn about the surprising number and range of near earth asteroids and how they are forming a platform for solar system exploration. Chris Lewicki has worked with NASA and is a leader in pioneering technologies that are addressing the challenges of space habitation and managing extraterrestrial resources.

Don't take death lying down

When we think of ourselves, our loved ones, our doctors, and our wallets, we have the vital opportunity to have the challenging but really important conversation about how we wish to pass when the time comes, as it will. In this very accessible short talk, Jim McDermott shares clear and memorable stories and reasons encouraging people to think and act on our own convictions while we can, as early before our final days as today.

Rex Hohlbein

A Seattle native, Rex ran a successful residential architectural firm for 30 years.

Seven years ago, after befriending several men experiencing homelessness along the Fremont canal, Rex started a Facebook page to raise awareness for those living unsheltered through the sharing of photos and personal stories. Today, that Facebook page has over 46,000 followers, becoming a thriving and inspirational non-profit, Facing Homelessness. This year begins a new chapter, as Rex combines both architecture and community outreach in starting a social justice architecture firm, BLOCK Architects, with his daughter Jenn LaFreniere.

Deborah Wang

Deborah Wang is a journalist and public media evangelist who has spent more than three decades in broadcast news.

Deborah started her public radio career at a small station in Amherst, Massachusetts. She traveled the world for more than a decade as NPR’s Asia correspondent and then as a correspondent for ABC News based in Beijing.

In 2005, Deborah joined KUOW Public Radio in Seattle, where she has done everything from political reporting to podcast hosting. As a recent Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow, she spent a year reporting on kids and mental health.

Deborah has also worked as an on–air anchor for CNN International and as host of IN Close, a weekly newsmagazine on KCTS9.

2020 is Deborah’s seventh year hosting TEDxSeattle.