Multi-layered tales told with violin and vocals

A gifted violinist and vocalist, Korean-American Joe Kye uses digital looping — the live recording and play-back of chords and melodies – to create powerful layers of music. A witty storyteller, Joe’s performances weave his immigrant narrative through his show. “We are all artists, every single one of you,” says Joe. “If you breathe, if you smile, if you speak or if you frown. These are all inputs to build a world around you. The more we can choose to tell our stories and to listen to stories and act with humanity, then we can build and create a world that is more inclusive to all of us.” Born in Korea and raised in Seattle, violinist-looper & vocalist Joe Kye has drawn rave reviews and “discharging world[s] of emotion” and delivering ‘divine messages’ with his lush string loops, sweet vocals, and eclectic style.” Drawing upon his immigrant upbringing, he blends indie-rock, jazz, classical, pop, and Korean folk to create a unique sound. With his innovative use of digital effects and looping, Kye’s songs weave together diverse textures, catchy melodies, and rich, sweet vocals to groove and uplift listeners. He studied at Yale and left his high school educator careerto pursue music full-time. He has performed across the US, opening for Yo-Yo Ma, comedian Hari Kondabalu, rapper Warren G, and Senator Bernie Sanders. Kye is currently touring his new album, Migrants. Featured on NPR, BBC World News, PRI’s The World, and LA’s Music Friday Live, the new record has been praised as “lovely and nimble” and “delightfully unique.”



Joe Kye

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