Latin music with a message

Stella Rossi leads the Seattle-based band that integrates hand-clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate Flamenco dance moves into their performances. Their “Spanish music with an edge” weaves in themes of social issues and women’s rights. Deseo Carmin plays a sultry fusion of Latin, Jazz-Funk with the spice of flamenco. Stella Rossi leads the Seattle-based band whose members pull influences from their native countries of Paraguay, Russia, Chile and the United States in their interpretations of Latin American favorites, and original compositions. Their music has already transcended borders as far as Latin America, where they currently enjoy radio and television play in Paraguay and Chile. Stella was a nominated artist for “Composer of the Year” at this year’s Univision Latin Music Awards. They had also been nominated for an award in the 2011 New Music Seminar, Artists on the Verge (AOV) project. It’s a great achievement for DESEO CARMIN to have been nominated to this exclusive list from millions of artists throughout the U.S.




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