Eulogies for the living: how to move through grief

Imagine hearing your eulogy—while you’re still able to savor it. In this funny, touching 2021 TEDxSeattleWomen talk, Andrea Driessen shares a story about what she calls Gracenotes, or living eulogies. And how to write such a note to lessen grief and regret. Through humor and poignancy, Andrea challenges us to honor others by telling them that they #matter—and HOW they matter—while we’re all still alive. Andrea is a longtime hospice volunteer with Providence Hospice of Seattle. Through her interactions with people who are dying—and their loved ones—she’s developed this compelling, how-to practice for easing grief and boosting peace. She’s also a learning, training, and development expert who helps people and organizations worldwide become more capable, communicative, and connected. An internationally award-winning business owner who built her business from the ground up, she’s dedicated her career to helping others grow. Her 3x award-winning book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People, is in its second printing.

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