Exploring the octopus mind

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, learn how Dominic Sivitilli relates octopus intelligence with the biological realities of the human mind. 

Through his work at the University of Washington, Sivitilli has had the opportunity to think deeply about the distributed nature of the octopus’s nervous system. Centered on how the octopus’s arms can behave independently, he takes us on an exploration of differing, almost alien-like intelligence, and challenges how we think about the function of our own minds.

More to explore:

  • Learn about Dominic Sivitilli’s role at the University of Washington’s Astrobiology department at https://depts.washington.edu/astrobio/wordpress/profile/dominic-m-sivitilli/
  • View “The Discoveries Awaiting us in the Ocean’s Twilight” presented by Heiti Sosik at TED’s Audatious Project: https://www.ted.com/talks/heidi_m_sosik_the_discoveries_awaiting_us_in_the_ocean_s_twilight_zone
  • Watch Roger Hanlon talk about “The Amazing Brains and Morphing Skin of Octopus and other Cephalopods” at TED 2019 here: https://www.ted.com/talks/roger_hanlon_the_amazing_brains_and_morphing_skin_of_octopuses_and_other_cephalopods
  • Laura Robinson discusses the secrets of the mysterious ocean floor at TedxBrussels: https://www.ted.com/talks/laura_robinson_the_secrets_i_find_on_the_mysterious_ocean_floor


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Dominic Sivitilli

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