Talks: 2019

Karen Okonkwo 14:42

Putting more diversity in stock photography

How do images in advertising – or the lack of them – influence our perceptions of diversity? In this revelatory […]

Andrea Driessen 13:54

Eulogies for the living

Why are eulogies only for the dying? In this funny, touching talk, Andrea Driessen argues that writing your loved ones […]

Leah Garcés 15:02

Turning adversaries into allies

Leah Garcés wants to eliminate chicken factory farming. The problem is, to make progress, she’ll have to collaborate with her […]

Hollis Wong – Wear 15:30

“All My Weight” – ”Back to Me” – ”The FOMO Song”

Singer-songwriter and activist Hollis Wong-Wear brazenly confronts contemporary issues, but she does it through surprisingly soothing vocals. Her three original […]

Gretchen Yanover 10:59

What I learned from playing the cello

Playing the cello taught Gretchen Yanover how to deal with anxiety. She believes that years of leaning the instrument against […]

James Miles 13:57

Why education needs hip hop

For educator James Miles, hip hop is more than a style of music – it’s a global youth culture. He […]

Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem 15:57

Can we cure HIV with an injection?

HIV was thought to be incurable, but after undergoing risky stem cell transplant surgeries, several patients no longer exhibit the […]

Ellen Forney 16:22

Finding balance in bipolar

Ellen Forney is a passionate storyteller and artist who turned her bipolar diagnosis into a platform of hope for anyone […]

Chris Jordan 15:20

Can beauty save our planet?

Chris Jordan is all in on beauty. After photographing sea birds dying by the dozens from consuming bits of plastic, […]

Alexandra Morton 18:22

What Humans Can Learn from The Wisdom of Salmon

What can salmon teach us about sustainability in a complex environment? Marine biologist Alexandra Morton shares startling new research that […]

Traca Savadogo 13:16

Why You Should Talk Regularly with Strangers

Since 2006, Traca Savadogo has met an average of three new people every day and heard their stories, resulting in […]

Sam Sharar 15:59

The Future of Pain Relief

Using virtual reality (VR) to treat pain has delivered exciting results, thanks to research conducted by Dr. Sam Sharar. A […]

David Blatner 9:23

A trip through the invisible universe

How much of the world around us can we truly see? David Blatner takes us on a mind-bending, fast-paced journey […]

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