G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson is an award-winning book and graphic-novel author. But she is best known as one of the women leading the renaissance in female comic superheroes. Her co-creation, Ms. Marvel, a coming of age story about a young Pakistani-American girl in Jersey City discovering and coping with her superpowers, has become a phenomenon.

Willow converted to Islam in college and moved to Egypt to teach English. While there she wrote her graphic novel Cairo and the comic series Air. She also provided foreign correspondence to the New York Time, Atlantic Monthly and Glamour about her exploration of Egypt and Islam. This is described more deeply in her memoir, The Butterfly Mosque. Her novel Alf the Unseen was a NYT Notable Book of 2012 and won the World Fantasy Award.

She continues her part in revolutionizing comics as one of a four person team behind A-Force, the first superhero team of Marvel’s Mightiest Women. Willow lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters where she enjoys British films, cooking, World of Warcraft and has a purple belt in Kajukenbo.


G. Willow Wilson 12:50

A Superhero for Generation Why

Using a new superhero, Ms Marvel, as a parallel for the challenges of a misunderstood generation – the millennials.

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