Tanmeet Sethi

Tanmeet Sethi is an Integrative Family Physician, writer, and teacher who has dedicated her career to teaching patients and physicians how to harness their innate potential to heal through the food they eat, the way their minds think and how their bodies move, the most powerful forms of medicine. She has focused this work in the most vulnerable communities including Seattle’s refugee, uninsured and homeless populations as well as communities traumatized by manmade and natural disasters like the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the wildfire survivors of Northern California and hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Her most powerful education has come through her own life in which she is a mother to three children, including one with a fatal, neurodegenerative disease. Her own work on finding joy even through the unimaginable has its foundation in potent gratitude practice and she is passionate about teaching this to others. “My life is perfect, not despite Zubin, but because of Zubin.”

She has a powerful blog where she writes weekly on the wisdom of gratitude and is writing a book on how this is the foundation for all of us to move our own spiritual practices forward and upward so that we can help heal this unwell world. She is also working on an online course to teach others the five most potent questions to move through any moment of suffering. She is passionate that Joy is a human right no https://tedxseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/thumb-01-1.jpger what and hopes that others will see that they can work towards grace and resilience with simple, steady steps every day.

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