Susie Lee

Susie Lee is a visual artist and the CEO of Siren, the radical new social discovery app which “brings civilized flirting to the dating space.” Her work explores human connections through technology and has been commissioned and collected by numerous institutions including the Denver Art Museum, Mitchell Center for the Arts, Frye Art Museum, and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art.

She has been recognized for a number of awards including Emerging Artist of the Year, Artist to Watch, and the Stranger Genius Award. A graduate of Yale, Columbia and University of Washington with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, science education, and sculpture.

Susie and her most recent endeavor, Siren, have been featured on NPR, The Guardian, CNN, The Stranger, GeekWire, ThinkProgress, Frieze, and Engadget. Siren partnered with Durex on a YouTube campaign with 37 million views and won Geekwire’s App of the Year. She says, “My fluid and highly collaborative practice reflects contemporary restlessness and blurred boundaries. I am particularly drawn to projects that fuse physicality and time with technology, connecting what we hold onto and what we let go.”


Susie Lee 14:11

Making Room for the Definite Maybe

In a time of internet dating and reduced physical connection, what makes us more human and less like computers?

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