Drawing from an eclectic palette of musical influences, Shaprece Renee Richardson’s latest artistic direction ranges from electronic beats to orchestral arrangement, soulful vocals to ambient soundscapes. Blending digitally altered tones with sultry and smoky vocals, she has aspired to create a category to call her own. Throughout the creative process, she’s gathered inspiration from the likes of Bjork, Little Dragon, and Aaliyah, among others, forming a pleasant fusion of dreamy melodies and atmospheric sounds on her new album.

Shaprece, along with electro-ambient producer IG88, has been working on her debut full length album for the better part of 2014 in her hometown of Seattle, WA. Also involved with the composition and arrangement of the project have been Phillip Peterson and Daniel Butman, both brought in for strings and other orchestral elements. The album is being recorded back and forth between IG88’s home studio and the legendary Robert Lang Studios.