Sam Dinning

Sam Dinning is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in King County.

Working in the Juvenile Division, Sam is part of a team encouraging new approaches to criminal justice. He and his colleagues promote restorative practices that are primarily rehabilitative rather than punitive. Sam has tried cases including armed robbery, child molestation, and first degree assault, while also leading efforts to implement office policies that encourage prosecutors to consider the real-world circumstances of both offenders and victims.

As one of King County’s juvenile prosecutors, I work daily with the impact of community violence and the vulnerability that comes with it. Victims, of course, feel it most acutely, but offenders are just as immersed in the environment of insecurity. Understanding this insecurity is fundamental to the story of almost every kid that comes before the court.”

Sam is a graduate of Bowdoin College, the Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard Law School. Before becoming a prosecutor, Sam served as the Deputy Director for Voter Protection with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Ohio. He plays ultimate frisbee, enjoys hiking, and is an unapologetic Boston sports fan.


Sam Dinning 15:22

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