Patti Dobrowolski

A nationally acclaimed comic performer, high-performance business consultant, speaker, strategic illustrator and newly minted author, Patti Dobrowolski spends her time focused on new neuroscience discoveries that leverage the power of imagination and visuals to actualize a vision of the future. Dobrowolski works with teams and leaders of Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits around the world to inspire them to create new and different strategies while literally capturing the organization’s vision in a 4′ x 8′ illustration.

A veteran change agent, Dobrowolski spent her early consulting years on the front line listening to and inspiring teams to re-engage following a reduction in force or merger and acquisition. After she witnessed an artist drawing a real-time picture of the company’s new direction, she added this powerful visual aspect to her work. She now works as a change agent at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to engage the entire staff in extensive cultural shifts. Dobrowolski received her master’s in psychology with an emphasis in drama therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, won the Association of Women in Communications Woman of Achievement award in 2004, and in 2008 her former company, Alchemy: The Art of Transforming Business, became an awardee of the Make Mine a Million $ Business program.


Patti Dobrowolski

Draw Your Future

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