Ranae Holland

Ranae Holland is a research biologist, conservationist, author and speaker who thrives at the intersection of science, curiosity and activism—sprinkled, of course, with a healthy dose of humor. Her overall philosophy is to challenge the unknown; to never tell you what to think, but to instead ask, “What do you think?”

Holland grew up surrounded by rolling farmland in South Dakota. Eternally curious, she dissected her Baby Alive doll at the tender age of five—results were inconclusive.

Ranae received her degree from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, and spent a decade conducting fisheries research throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. She was about to embark upon a study on the impact of beavers on a river in northeastern Oregon when, in 2011, Holland was approached for a scientific role of a very different type: co-hosting the Animal Planet TV show Finding Bigfoot as the resident Skeptical Scientist. 

While she might not be a “believer,” per se (she was https://tedxseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/stage-image-1-1.jpgnamed “the Ranaesayer”) Holland used her scientific knowledge, fieldwork skills, and love of the wilderness to investigate alleged sightings. Through this experience, Ranae discovered her true mission: sharing the power of curiosity with budding naturalists and scientists everywhere.

Ranae has spoken on numerous notable stages and her TED Talk, The Power of Curiosity, is inspired by possibility and challenges us all to keep our wonder and enthusiasm intact. She frequently speaks at schools, universities, conventions and private events to encourage people to think critically and curiously, and to embrace belonging as a tool for effective communication.

 A proud Washingtonian, Ranae spends her free time Spey and fly fishing, hiking, camping and kayaking. When in the city, she enjoys frequenting her local independent coffee shop, attending live concerts, and exploring new restaurants.

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