Michael Hebb

Michael Hebb serves up more than food when he invites you to dinner. This is no surprise from someone who strongly believes that the table is one of the most effective and overlooked vehicles for changing the world.

In 2001, Hebb and partner Naomi Pomeroy opened an illegal restaurant in their Portland living room and kick-started the underground restaurant movement. In the next three years Pomeroy and Hebb opened critically acclaimed restaurants clarklewis and Gotham Bldg Tavern. After moving to Seattle in 2006, Hebb established One Pot to investigate the rituals of the table by collaborating with leading cultural organizations, museums and individuals including Gore Vidal, Spike Lee, Gloria Steinem and many others. His expansive, multidisciplinary dinners and cultural curation have taken place on five continents, been exhibited in several museums and featured in the NY Times, WSJ, Food and Wine, W, Art Forum, GQ, Gourmet and several international publications.


Michael Hebb

Table Making

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