Matthias Olt

Matthias Olt has left an impressive mark across the world as a talented designer and architect. His distinct use of softly swooping waves or crisp clean lines can be found on culturally significant and sustainably designed buildings across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.  

Olt, who’s originally from Frankfurt, Germany, has worked in the industry for more than 26 years. He delivers expert design in high-rise, mixed-use corporate, commercial, and residential buildings that, in his own words, “create sculptural lightness that inspire ideas, promote joy, and elevate sustainable systems.” It’s in the area of sustainability where Olt truly shines. 

Most recently, Olt has pitched bringing wood back into architecture in a big way. His vibrant, climate-aware designs for hybrid builds that include steel or carbon fiber wrapped with wood and cased in cement are a nod to both primitive and forward-thinking design. In 2017, Matthias was the recipient of an AIA Seattle Honors Award for his innovative design of a 39-story Conceptual Mass Timber Tower in Seattle. 

Olt is a registered architect and received the German architecture diploma from the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany, and he also holds an undergraduate degree in chemical science.


Matthias Olt 14:12

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