Lynda Stuart

Lynda Stuart

Meet Lynda Stuart: Deputy Director at the Gates Foundation, a doctor, and a passionate advocate for healthcare as a human right. Through this year’s TEDXSeattle talk, she asks if we realize we’re living through one of mankind’s greatest moral failings when it comes to healthcare.

Dr. Lynda Stuart was born and raised in the Caribbean where she watched her father, also a doctor, care for their poverty-stricken community. Experiencing first-hand how access to quality healthcare and medication is essential to helping people lift themselves from poverty, Lynda became driven by an endless search for impact in the world as she champions the motto “Health is a Human Right.”

She migrated to England when she was 10, focusing her attention on healthcare, she earned a P.h.D. from the University of Edinburgh, M.D. from the University of Cambridge and the University of London. Dr. Stuart has served on the Massachusetts General Hospital Executive Committee for Research and as an affiliate of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

As the Deputy Director for Vaccines & Human Immunology at the Gates Foundation, she leads a team that aims to source novel approaches and accelerate the discovery, development, and translation of new passive and active immunization strategies for foundation priority diseases.

Join Dr. Lynda Stuart at this year’s TEDxSeattle as she explains why we are at an inflection point as a global community. How we choose to behave and what we choose to do as a global world is going to define things for many years to come.


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