Kirk Grogan

Kirk Grogan is a marketing and sales strategist in Seattle, WA and has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He coaches and leads marketing teams to develop conversion testing methods and teaches them how to engage with potential customers in an organic environment. He has developed multiple unique strategies currently implemented across the business world to help brands connect and build loyalty with consumers.  In other words, he absolutely loves market strategy!

Kirk relocated to Seattle from Dallas over four years ago, and has found a home by automating marketing software to suit the needs of individual companies and customers. He has worked with numerous tech companies in the fashion, SaaS, and cannabis markets. His specializes in omni-channel marketing; connecting with consumers across multiple websites, social media sites, and email to create personalized sales funnels and drastically improve e-commerce revenue. As he puts it, “No plan is a good plan unless it takes into consideration the culture and human resources available within a client’s office. With that in mind, a consultant is only as productive as his ability to create value after his contract expires, and to attain this you must achieve employee buy-in.”


Kirk Grogan 13:55

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