Judge Wesley Saint Clair

Judge Wesley Saint Clair on the bench

After 40 years of working in the justice system, Wesley has pretty much seen it all and he’s looking at new ways to keep kids out of the system.

Today, our justice system is more effective at sentencing than it is at reducing crime. As a presiding Chief Justice, he meets many young offenders entering the system for crimes that many would consider youthful indiscretions and hormone-fueled mistakes. Wesley believes Restorative Practices are designed to keep youth out of jail and take responsibility for their impact on their victims while restoring the youth’s connection with their community. He asks that we rely more on human connection, and less on the power of the justice system.


Judge Wesley Saint Clair

This judge wants to stop sending kids to jail: how we can help

As a Chief Justice in the juvenile court system, Wesley has come to believe the system is better at sentencing people than reducing crime. He asks that we rely less on the power of the justice system, and more on human connection.

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