Jim Sorensen

As a master facilitator and highly sought-after public speaker, Jim Sorensen has designed and facilitated workshops and keynote presentations for more than 30 years. As director of program development for corporate training company Fierce and as an independent consultant, his audiences range from seasoned CEOs to new hires, from small local clients to large organizations all over the globe. His clients include Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, healthcare institutions, foundations, public schools, colleges, the armed forces and public seminars. A well-known “trainer of trainers,” Sorensen has also taught facilitation and presentation skills for the past 23 years, and has been interviewed on more than 50 talk shows.

Sorensen’s delivery resonates with his audiences. His humorous and engaging style involves participants by creating an enjoyable and respectful environment in which to learn and improve their overall results. He also has a unique ability to take complex information and deliver it in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to everyday situations.

Not to be pigeonholed purely as a master of the verbal, Sorensen is also an accomplished artist and illustrator with seven books to his credit.


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