Jevin West, Ph.D

Jevin D. West is an Assistant Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington.

He co-founded the DataLab — a collection of faculty and graduate students focused on research in Data Curation, Computational Social Science, Data for Social Good, Information Visualization and the Science of Science. He is one of the chief architects of the new Data Science curricula for undergraduate and graduate programs at UW. Together with Carl Bergstrom, he developed the Calling Bullshit course to help the public refute the onslaught of misinformation in today’s digital and data-driven environments. The course is being adopted at universities and high schools around the world.

In his research, he has developed metrics and algorithms for evaluating and mapping scholarly results. His core research asks questions about the origins of scholarly disciplines, the social and economic biases within these disciplines, and the impact the current publication system has on the health of science. He develops recommendation algorithms for navigating the literature, computer vision techniques for mining scientific figures, and education data mining techniques for predicting student attrition. All his publications, invited talks, and courses can be found at


Jevin West, Ph.D 18:19

We’re drowning in BS, but you can learn how to fight back

Jevin West is not afraid to call out bullshit for what it is and wants to teach us how to […]

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