Jane Roskams

Could you participate in major scientific discoveries from your own living room? Dr. Jane Roskams says: “yes!” As a neuroscientist who is at the forefront of national and global efforts to democratize science, Dr. Roskams is aiming to improve the way scientific discoveries can happen—and she believes the key missing ingredient is you.

Through two key movements, “Citizen Science” and “Open Science,” Dr. Roskams shares how scientists can increase the rate of international data sharing and unlock faster scientific breakthroughs. She also emphasizes how everyday people can use their passions and untapped talent to team up to drive this scientific revolution – and maybe help us learn a thing or two about improving our mental health.

Dr. Roskams is one of the first scientists to lead an international, federally funded and citizen crowd-sourced neuroscience project that is all online. She is a dynamic leader at the forefront of the “Open Data” movement. Dr. Roskams—who is also a professor at University of British Columbia and the University of Washington—spends much of her time building bridges and alliances across sectors so that we can all help to transform our understanding of climate change, human health and the universe beyond and within our brains- and be empowered to change all of our futures.


Jane Roskams 16:03

Democratizing Science: Of the people, For the people, By the people

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Jane Roskams, a neuroscientist, talks about how a people-powered revolution is Making Science Great […]