James Whitfield

James Whitfield

Meet James Whitfield: a pickleball obsessed, husband/father/son, culture strategist, and community leader advancing justice and reconciliation by building Beloved Community.

As the Co-Founder of Be Culture, James equips leaders to reimagine ‘equity’, setting tables for people of differing and sometimes polarized perspectives to find shared purpose and be the culture they wish to see.

Working alongside Kristen – his business partner, favorite human, and wife of 29 years – James mobilizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in companies and communities – deepening personal, professional, and societal bonds by advocating a higher standard of love and loyalty.

James Whitfield has received numerous accolades for his public speaking, training, and civic engagement. He is noted for employing a decidedly multi-disciplinary approach based on his broad experience as an executive in business, non-profit, and government – including having been appointed by the White House to oversee the Pacific Northwest Region of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Grab your favorite person and join James Whitfield at this year’s TEDxSeattle. See how you can build a more loving community through a better understanding of equity in DEI and your personal relationships.


James Whitfield 17:20

Defining Equity. Pursuing Unity.

In this 2021 TEDxSeattle talk, James Whitfield shares his passion for diversity, inclusion, and the power of discussing complicated issues […]