Gretchen Yanover

Locally grown cellist Gretchen Yanover began playing cello in Seattle Public Schools. She earned a BA in Music Performance and her Washington Teaching Certificate from UW. Gretchen won a position in NW Sinfonietta Orchestra on the same day she taught her first string orchestra classes. Embracing an interwoven path of teaching and performing, Ms Yanover enthusiastically guided students on string instruments in public and private school classrooms
Gretchen performs solo with her electric cello, in addition to her acoustic work. Her music has been featured in contexts ranging from film to dance to podcast soundtracks. Her music is also enjoyed in meditative and healing settings. She continues to play classical music as a member of Northwest Sinfonietta, the region’s premier chamber orchestra. Gretchen also does studio recording work with her acoustic cello, in addition to her own continued solo composing and performing. She has released three solo CDs to date.

Gretchen will be joined on stage by dancer Noelle Price. Noelle has performed with Karin Stevens Dance Company and the 2018 premier of Beautiful Carcass, a Maya Soto and Nico Tower. She self-produced an evening length work titled “An Ode to Marlin” and wrote/performed her first one women play Death and Other Rude things. Her work Remember Me Young received a Seattle Dance Crush Award for its commitment to advocacy.

The combined inspiring work of Noelle and Gretchen was created from a mutual admiration of their individual talents and musical interpretation.


Gretchen Yanover 10:59

What I learned from playing the cello

Playing the cello taught Gretchen Yanover how to deal with anxiety. She believes that years of leaning the instrument against […]

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