Emily Chang

Emily Chang was most recently svp, marketing at Starbucks. She joined Starbucks as China cmo in 2017, responsible for marketing, sales, loyalty, customer engagement, and digital flywheel (ecommerce, payments, partnerships).

Prior to Starbucks, Emily was the Chief Commercial Officer for IHG, Greater China, where she was responsible for all commercial functions across Greater China. She has also worked at Apple and Procter & Gamble.

Emily has spoken at select conferences and events, including Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit in Hong Kong and C2 in Montreal. She has delivered two TEDx Talks, one of which is being expanded to book form, called The Spare Room. She holds a B.A. in Biology and an MBA in Competitive Strategy and Finance. In her free time, Emily enjoys writing and teaching. Most of all, she loves spending time with family: her husband of 20 years, her 11yr daughter Laini, and their two rescues, Holly Berry the mutt, and Puffin the pug.

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