David Blatner

David Blatner is a renaissance raconteur, a graphic design guru, and an expert on the infinite. His prolific career spans an array of subjects, but the common thread is his passion for demystifying complex subjects. He is the author of 15 books, including Spectrums: Our Mind-Boggling Universe From Infinitesimal to Infinity and The Joy of Pi, and Silicon Mirage: The Art and Science of Virtual Reality. Blatner is also the co-founder of the Innerfaith Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging science and spirituality.

He says,“I’m fascinated by pretty much everything, love figuring out how it all works, and love to share what I’ve discovered with others. For every great mystery there is an explanation… and behind every great explanation, there is a deeper mystery!”
Blatner is a cofounder of the InDesignSecrets Web site and InDesign Magazine, and cohosts a podcast by the same name. He publishes CreativePro.com and also co-hosts CreativePro Week, a week-long set of conferences for creative professionals.
Blatner has spent the past 20 years traveling the world — presenting, learning, exploring, and writing. He lives outside Seattle with his wife, two sons, and far too many books.


David Blatner 9:23

A trip through the invisible universe

How much of the world around us can we truly see? David Blatner takes us on a mind-bending, fast-paced journey […]

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