Chris Bliss

A fresh and captivating voice in the tradition of American satire from Mark Twain to Jon Stewart, Chris Bliss has been one of the country’s top comedians for the last 15 years, logging credits that include The Late Show with David Letterman and multiple appearances on The Tonight Show. Prior to his stand-up career, Chris was an internationally renowned variety artist, opening hundreds of concerts for superstars such as Eric Clapton to Michael Jackson, who chose Chris as the exclusive opening act for his record-breaking Victory Tour in 1984.

In 2006, a video of Bliss’ juggling finale became one of the Internet’s first truly viral videos, with more than 40 million downloads that year alone. Chris used the publicity to promote his new nonprofit, – the Bill of Rights Monument Project, a common ground project promoting awareness of the freedoms and principles embodied in the Bill of Rights through the creation of monuments and permanent displays in civic spaces across the country. In 2008, dedicated America’s first permanent display of the Bill of Rights in Montezuma, Iowa. Fundraising is currently underway for monuments approved in Arizona, Texas and Washington State.

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