Ben Hunter

Folk music is about storytelling. Stories that speak to who we are. Stories about nature, friendships, relationships, love, legends. Stories that define us a community. Ben Hunter, folk musician and community organizer plays his stories through music and talks about the communal role of folks music as a means to fight the growing trend of human disconnection.
Benjamin graduated from Whitman College with a BA in music. With a passion for the folk culture, he has positioned his efforts around initiatives that drive that folk infrastructure.

Raised in a global landscape, Ben’s teaching style embraces the diversity found in SE Seattle and he hopes to channel that combination of culture and tradition into his own style. A professional violinist/fiddler, Ben plays locally and nationally in genres of bluegrass, blues, gypsy jazz, classical, and various world styles.

In 2011, he founded Community Arts Create (CAC), a Seattle based not-for-profit that uses the arts as a vehicle for community development and engagement. Ben founded CAC with the idea that art has an incredible ability to guide positive community development. CAC strives to build community through self-discovery and shared experience. It works to enhance a richer way of life by creating harmony through creative expression within Seattle’s very diverse culture. Simply put, CAC partners with the community to create cultural competency through art of all forms. “Building community through the arts one experience at a time.”


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