barry johnson

Barry Johnson is a multi-disciplinary artist and author who works across all mediums.  He is known to constantly shift the nature of his work as it reflects the events happening around the world and in his life.  A self-taught artist, he grew up in Kansas and, after graduating with a Business Marketing degree, relocated to Seattle. He moved into the tech and consulting industries but became disillusioned with the lack of imagination in tech design requests.  Johnson left the tech world to become a full time artist and has been making art for six years.  As a multi-disciplinary creative, he could be painting in the morning, drawing on the bus and collaborating on a performance piece in the afternoon, and writing a film later that night.

He starts his workday at his garage studio in the pre-dawn stillness of 3:30 a.m.  He always has several projects going.  A man with seemingly boundless energy, last year he wrote and published a children’s book and is working on a second.  He is an associate editor of City Arts magazine and teaches art classes in area schools.  Currently, he is working on opening a new show featuring a few temporary murals and has just finished writing a film that will begin shooting the summer of 2019.  He is the recipient of an Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship for 2018-2019.


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The power of embodying new personas

barry johnson believes that when you fully immerse yourself in a new persona, you grow into a richer, better version […]

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