Art Wolfe

How does a lifelong artist evolve creatively? From snapping powerful shots of wildlife to painting and photographing people naked in stark settings, Art Wolfe explores his evolution as an artist, and how inspiration can strike at the most unlikely times (and even unlikelier places).

The son of commercial artists, Wolfe was born in Seattle, WA and still calls the city home. He graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and art education, and these fields continue to inform his work. His photographic career has spanned five decades, a remarkable testament to the durability and demand for his images, his expertise and his passionate advocacy for the environment and indigenous culture. During that time he has worked on every continent, in hundreds of locations, and on a dazzling array of projects. He travels nearly 9 months of the year photographing for new projects, leading photography tours and seminars, and giving inspirational presentations to corporate, educational, environmental and spiritual groups.

He has published over eighty books including the award-winning Vanishing Act, The High Himalayas, Water; Worlds Between Heaven & Earth, Tribes, Rainforests of the World, The Art of Photographing Nature, Pacific Northwest, Land of Light and Water as well as numerous children’s books. He founded Wildlife Press which published much of his signature award-winning work. In 2007 he made his public television debut with Art Wolfe’s Travels To The Edge. The 13 episode first season garnered the American Public Television 2007 Programming Excellence Award. The second season garnered five Silver Telly awards for Outstanding Achievement.

Wolfe is also the proud recipient of the Photographic Society of Americas Progress Medal; he has been awarded with a coveted Alfred Eisenstaedt Magazine Photography Award as well as named the Outstanding Nature Photographer by the North American Nature Photography Association. The National Audubon Society recognized him with it’s first-ever Rachel Carson Award.

“It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed.”

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