Anirudh Koul

Anirudh Koul is a noted AI expert with experience in deep learning, computer vision, robotics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). He is the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Research for Aira, an organization which connects blind individuals with professional, remotely-located agents who can provide visual descriptions and assistance on-demand.  Koul leads the development of Aira’s AI platform, leveraging advances in computer vision and machine learning to improve the experience and capabilities of both Aira agents and users.

Koul is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University specializing in machine learning and natural language processing. He was the former Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft and founder of the award-winning Seeing AI app; the talking camera app for the blind community. He led winning teams for four consecutive years at Microsoft’s One Week Hackathon, deemed the planet’s largest private hacking event. His teams have prototyped ideas using computer vision and deep learning techniques for Augmented Reality, Speech, Productivity, as well as Accessibility – building tools for communities with visual, hearing and mobility impairments.


Anirudh Koul 17:59

Using AI to transform the lives of the blind

Phone apps make everyone’s lives easier, but for members of the blind community, a new seeing AI app transforms how […]

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