Andrea Driessen

Andrea Driessen is a meeting designer, author, and hospice volunteer. As founder and Chief Boredom Buster at Seattle-based No More Boring Meetings, she teams with companies, nonprofits, and trade associations to secure top-tier speakers, entertainers, and thought leaders, to create fresh meeting formats, content-driven games, and out-of-the-box engagement tools.

Driessen found her heart’s work at Providence Hospice of Seattle, where she has been volunteering since 2016. Through her interactions with people who are dying—and their loved ones who are living—she has developed a powerful, actionable practice for lessening the pain of grief and regret, boosting happiness, and shifting how we move through the world.

Driessen is also the creator of Mixing Chamber®, which helps organizations curate, communicate, and activate their most ground-breaking ideas. She is the author of the international award-winning book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Event Planning: For Kick-Ass Gatherings that Inspire People. A regular contributor to The Meeting Professional magazine, she has also been a Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) “Best-in-Class” speaker.


Andrea Driessen 13:54

Eulogies for the living

Why are eulogies only for the dying? In this funny, touching talk, Andrea Driessen argues that writing your loved ones […]

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