Amy Ansel

With over two decades of IT program management experience at Microsoft, Amy Ansel has culminated a unique and effective way for people, assets and corporate initiatives to harmoniously work together. Amy’s strategic ideation is showcased by the code she developed for serving the Microsoft HP global alliance as a vendor.  She created an online intelligent asset exchange platform saving Microsoft over $300 million in hardware rental fees, as well as generating HP tens of millions of Microsoft customer impressions with exclusive Microsoft ‘total show’ HP product placement domination for 14 years as a top-tier sponsor as a Microsoft preferred ‘Go-To-Market’  partner.

Microsoft became their own OEM with Surface and HP split themselves in half.  Amy knew it was time to shift, and yet again, create a fresh and new program with purpose.  She moved her attention to the industrial hemp industry, where her passion for sustainability could be quenched.  She has mapped her skills and systems over the budding agricultural industry with her partner, Tanya Hart, creating various pillars serving a global agenda in circular, sustainable economies.  Amy enjoys trying new things, disruptive technologies/bio innovation, playing cards and solving puzzles. A native of the West Coast, Amy resides on the Eastside and enjoys spending time with 3 kids, 1 husband and 4 pets.


Amy Ansel 15:00

Hemp holds the key to a sustainable future

The Hemp plant — marijuana’s sober cousin — is poised to revolutionize industry by taking the place of more toxic […]

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