Alyssa Royse

A writer by both passion and profession, Alyssa Royse has worked in marketing, PR, education, theater and the non-profit world. Fast Company named her one of the top 50 entrepreneurs in the world, and PR News dubbed her one of the best PR professionals under 35. Royse founded JUST CAUSE Magazine, an all-digital magazine (before people knew what digital magazines were) dedicated to social change, which unintentionally turned into an altruistic, non-profit venture by virtue of its charge.

A rape survivor and daughter of a gay man, Royse has been observing, writing and speaking about sexual shame for years. She is currently working to launch a new site,, with the mission of increasing exploration of the wide spectrum of human sexuality for women. Her goal is to create a world in which sex is fun, fulfilling and safe for everyone, and a never-ending adventure that provides a lifetime of thrills.


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