Speaking at TEDxSeattle

Speaking at TEDxSeattle

TEDxSeattle is always looking for ideas worth spreading.

If you have an idea worth spreading or have questions about speaking to our TEDxSeattle, TEDxWomen, or TEDxYouth audiences, email us at speaker-submissions@tedxseattle.com

You’ll usually hear from us in 7 to 10 days but it may take up to 30 days to respond depending on how many events and experiences we are currently producing. 

But don’t give up. Great ideas should be heard! 

Resources for Developing Your Idea

TEDx Talks are about ideas worth spreading. To better understand how to think and craft your idea, here are some suggested resources. 

  • Read How to Think About an Idea (3 minute read), our primer on ideas and idea statements. If we invite you to apply to speak at our events, you’ll have to submit an idea statement and other information. This document offers some high level guidance for idea development and idea statements.

  • Watch Chris Anderson’s TED’s secret to great public speaking (8 minutes). Chris provides several guidelines and questions about developing your idea and connecting it to the audience.

  • Watch Chris Anderson’s Talk at Google (61 minutes). Chris delves deeper into compelling TED talks, complete with talk excerpts as he discusses his book TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking.

  • Present your idea (and talk) to friends and colleagues. One of the best resources for developing a TED talk are friends and co-workers who will provide unfiltered feedback. Do they understand your idea, and paraphrase it back to you? Are they confused about your idea: do they hear several ideas, rather than one clear, concise idea? Can they tell you what they might do with your idea, how it might impact their thinking or drive them to take a new action? If you take the leap to write a complete 10-minute TED talk, are they compelled by your delivery, and the idea?