Patron Tickets

Patron tickets underwrite our Student ticket discounts. As a thank you, we provide an enhanced experience for our Patrons before, during, and after the event, including:
  • A dedicated Patron entrance, just a short elevator ride from sky bridge access to the nearest parking garage. Arrive warm and dry, even on the worst November days.
  • Expedited registration and badge pick-up adjacent to our Patron Lounge.
  • Exclusive day-long use of the Patron Lounge with beverage and food service provided during every break.
  • Early access to the hall for the morning session, first choice seating.
  • Concierge support leading up to the event, including Patron-specific communications.
  • Invitation to an intimate post-event reception with the speakers, entertainers, and TEDxSeattle team.
  • Discounts and exclusive access to 2019 events, such as Salons and Adventures.
Wide shot of people in the Patron Lounge standing at cocktail tables during a session break at TEDxSeattle
Relax and mingle in the Patron Lounge between sessions.
Woman pours ice water from a pitcher at a table with coffee, tea, and muffins.
A variety of snacks and drinks are available throughout the day in the Patron Lounge.
A man is selecting fresh fruit from a table of food
Patron Lounge amenities include fresh food during the breaks.
People talking to one another while seated at tables and standing at cocktail tables in a large room with windows.
Conversations in the Patron Lounge at TEDxSeattle 2016.