TEDxSeattle Cafe on the Water


We’re pleased to be working with the World Trade Center Seattle on our first TEDxSeattle Cafe’ of 2017, Compassion as a Power Tool on June 7th.

The cafe’ format is a more casual opportunity to hear from a previous TEDxSeattle speaker, learn more about how the all-volunteer effort that is TEDxSeattle works as well as a chance to talk with fellow TEDx’ers.


When we think of power, we think of force. But is force always the best option? Not according to TEDx Speaker Tim Dawes. Join us the evening of June 7 for a special night when we’ll explore Tim’s compelling idea to use “Compassion as a Power Tool.” You’ll also learn how TEDx speakers are curated, and how you can partner with us to expand your reach.

Consultant, trainer and TEDxSeattle speaker Tim Dawes demonstrates the power of compassion to influence, lead, and create better outcomes in business and everyday life. Using remarkable true stories, Tim shows how re-imagining compassion as a practical set of skills enables us to shift our relationships with adversaries, collaborate, and quickly invent new options we might never have considered before.

In addition to hearing from Tim on compassion, guests will learn how TEDxSeattle’s team curates its speakers – a fascinating process alone. Joining Tim Dawes will be Lisa Phelps Dawes, Chief Storyteller at Storied Thoughts and Co-Chair of the TEDxSeattle Speaker Team. Lisa will share her expertise and insights into the curation process for TEDx programs. Using video for storytelling, Lisa has won more than two dozen international, national, and regional awards, including four Emmys. And, better still, these awards have earned market share and customers for her clients! 

If you’ve been wondering how to get your organization involved in the global TED movement on a regional level, this event is for you!

Date June 7, 2017
Time 5:30pm to 7:30pm

World Trade Center Seattle

2200 Alaskan Way

Seattle, WA, 98121

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Cost $27-$37
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5:30: Network and mingle
6:00: Program
7:00: Networking

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What is TEDxSeattle?

Seattle, and all the upper left-hand corner, are known for trailblazing ideas put into action. We welcome and champion those who want to challenge the status quo and drive change. TEDxSeattle is a platform that amplifies the ideas of those change makers; a forum to foster new perspectives, and a community committed to challenging its members to be better.