TEDxSeattle 2020: Other Side


In a year no one predicted, how do we approach the other side?

The 2020 TEDxSeattle event brings together diverse speakers, community members like you, and ideas that define the future of our city and beyond. Expect the angles you haven’t seen and the perspectives you haven’t heard. To best further our mission of bringing you thought-provoking ideas, TEDxSeattle 2020 is completely free. Join a dedicated community ready to take a look at the other side.

TEDxSeattle is one of the largest TEDx events in the world, and this year we’re exploring the other side; The 2020 event will be 100% virtual (and 100% FREE) but don’t expect the same Zoom panels you’re used to from conferences in 2020. We’re putting a spin on it like only TEDxSeattle can, creating unique, engaging talks with some powerful speakers. If you’ve always wanted to come to a TEDxSeattle event, but cost or location stood in the way, this is your chance to join us to share ideas that inspire action.

Can’t wait to see you there!

For more details, including the schedule for the day, head over to the TEDxSeattle Homepage.

Date November 21, 2020
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Caprice Hollins

With over twenty years of experience leading and facilitating conversations on race, Dr. Caprice Hollins’ success stems from one distinct […]

Caroline Catlin

Caroline Catlin is a writer, photographer, and nap enthusiast. She exudes such a positive, bubbly personality that her desire to […]

Jane Roskams

Could you participate in major scientific discoveries from your own living room? Dr. Jane Roskams says: “yes!” As a neuroscientist […]

Jodi-Ann Burey

As an avid speaker, writer, and equity advocate, Jodi-Ann Burey is on a mission to disrupt “business as usual.” Her […]

Matthias Olt

Matthias Olt has left an impressive mark across the world as a talented designer and architect. His distinct use of […]

Richard Rhodes

As a Seattle-based sculptor, stonemason, and entrepreneur, Richard Rhodes is quite literally hands-on in his work. Rhodes takes pride in […]

Susan Long-Walsh

Susan Long-Walsh has a different vision for the future. An established entrepreneur, influencer, and thought leader, Long-Walsh works to help […]

Thomas Deuel

The Deueling Thumbs StudioLab at the University of Washington is not just a hybrid art studio and scientific lab, it’s […]


Matthias Olt 14:12

Biophilia, the future of architecture

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, learn about new scientific discoveries in biophilia and why architect Matthias Olt believes that designing […]

Jane Roskams 16:03

Democratizing Science: Of the people, For the people, By the people

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Jane Roskams, a neuroscientist, talks about how a people-powered revolution is Making Science Great […]

Dominic Sivitilli

Exploring the octopus mind

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, learn how Dominic Sivitilli relates octopus intelligence with the biological realities of the human mind.  […]

Richard Rhodes 12:09

Hammer, chisel, stone: simple tools for hard moments

Would you start a project that you knew you could not complete in your lifetime? In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, […]

Thomas Deuel 13:55

Making music with your mind

What’s the importance of music in your life? In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Thomas Deuel argues music is much […]

Audra Mulkern 15:20

The key to the future of food

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Audra Mulkern shares her journey to put female farmers back in the picture. She wants […]

Susan Long-Walsh 14:31

The path to building an anti-racist workplace

Susan Long-Walsh knows we all have a role in changing how we think and subsequently act, concerning how we care […]

Rico Quirindongo 14:31

Transforming communities through architecture

Rico Quirindongo knows one thing: you feel differently based on the space you’re in.  Born in the heart of Seattle’s […]

Caroline Catlin 13:31

What photographing death taught me about life

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, see how Caroline Catlin’s own experience with illness inspired her to connect to others facing […]

Caprice Hollins 15:36

What white people can do to move race conversations forward

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Dr. Caprice Hollins explains why we often fail to have productive conversations about race, race […]

Jodi-Ann Burey 15:40

Why you should not bring your authentic self to work

In this 2020 TEDxSeattle talk, Jodi-Ann Burey explores the nuances of what professionals of color and other underrepresented groups face […]

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