Speaker Announcement Premier and Wine Tasting

In the spirit of our 2016 theme, “Greater Than” the Estates Wine Room has prepared a unique perspective for us: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Wine is an excellent example of this concept, and the Estates Wine Room even more so.

TEDxSeattle is excited to be partnering with Estates Wine Room to announce a handful of the TEDxSeattle 2016 Speakers along with a complimentary wine tasting journey through the Pacific Northwest.

Three wineries are represented at the Estates Wine Room. Individually, they are all exceptional producers of that poetry in a glass just described, but together offer visitors an experience that goes beyond a particular winery, beyond a particular region; we represent a comprehensive perspective of the range and quality that this broad area defined as the Pacific Northwest has to offer.”

Space is limited. Please RSVP ASAP!

Date September 22, 2016
Time 7PM to 9PM

The Estates Wine Room

307 Occidental Avenue South

Seattle, Washington, 98104

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Cost $10

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