TEDxRainier 2013

Here in Seattle we have rethought aviation, what computers can be, what our parks and open spaces are, what a coffee house can be, and much more. Seattle’s minds have long been at the forefront of rethinking essential questions for decades.

TEDxRainier 2015

Guided by this year's theme, "Space Between," we'll spend the day exploring what lies between what is and what might be. Our speakers will explore inspiration and implementation, cause and effect, the intergalactic and the intercellular, the past, the present and futures unknown.

TEDxRainier 2015 is a one-day event that brings together top thinkers to share ideas with our local audience. Speakers from around the Northwest will deliver talks that challenge, move and inspire. In the spirit of TED's mission, "Ideas Worth Spreading," TEDxRainier offers a TED-style event at the local level. Our attendees come from a wide range of disciplines, ages and backgrounds, and share a bond of curiosity and desire to make a difference. Together we make the TEDxRainier event an important Northwest experience.

Our daylong program provides a focus and impetus for conversation and inspiration. The meetings and discussions that happen during breaks and at meals are a part of what makes this event so special. This year we will be putting a special emphasis on audience participation and interaction, creating opportunities for conversation among participants.

Join us to hear ideas worth sharing and to become part of TEDxRainier!