Video Submission Tips

Create an Idea Statement Video

For your submission please create a simple :30 second or less video that tells us:

  1. Your name
  2. Your idea
  3. Why the TEDxSeattle audience needs to hear your idea now
  4. Why you’re the ideal person to share this idea

Feel free to use your phone or any device. You Idea Statement Video will not be judged on production quality.

Once you’ve created your video, please upload it to YouTube. You may set the video to private, if you like. Then copy the link to your YouTube video and paste the link into your Submission form.

For instructions on uploading to YouTube please refer to the Google Support page: Upload videos.

Tips for Recording

Prior to recording your video, be sure you…

  • Find a quiet and comfortable environment to use for recording; this will help to minimize distractions and background noise.
  • Make sure the environment is well-lit. Natural light is fine. You do not need lighting equipment.
  • Use any type of recording device; smartphones and laptop cameras are surprisingly sophisticated. You do not need to professionally record or edit this video.
  • Think through exactly what you will say; in fact, we recommend that you write this down to create a script for yourself.

Tips when speaking:

  • Demonstrate genuine excitement about your idea. Your personality should shine through to give us an impression of the personality you would bring to the TEDxSeattle stage
  • Speak clearly with a measured pace, practicing ahead of time will help with this challenge.
  • Play the video back to yourself to ensure you captured all of what you were hoping to say, and that the audio can be heard!

Thank you! We look forward to your submission.