What Bigfoot can teach us about curiosity

Ranae Holland is a research biologist who spends much of her time trekking through forests with a camera crew, looking for evidence of a big furry man-ape. As a cohost of the Animal Planet television

As a cohost of the Animal Planet television show Finding Bigfoot, she draws on her scientific skills to sift through evidence and testimony of the elusive legend. In this funny and personal talk, she shares why both a strong sense of curiosity and patient listening has helped her bridge the divide between those who believe and those who don’t and argues that nurturing curiosity might be the best way to engage people in the joys of science and exploration. Even if that curiosity is about something as far fetched and elusive as Bigfoot.

Ranae Holland

Scientist, Bigfoot Hunter Finding Bigfoot

“I’ve always had a natural curiosity for the unknown. It is the driving force that motivates me to search the world for an animal I don’t believe to exist.” Full bio