Rex Hohlbein

Rex Hohlbein is a practicing architect in Seattle Washington, working as the Principal of Rex Hohlbein Architects since 1987. Born and raised in Seattle, he studied at Washington State University, receiving his Bachelor of Architecture in 1982. In 2011 he began the Facebook Community page ‘Homeless In Seattle’ as a photo-journal project to build community awareness for those living without shelter and other basic needs.

Through the sharing of photos and personal stories he highlights the unique beauty of each person, asking the viewer to break through the negative stereotype against those living on our streets and open their compassion to create a new connection of friendship. By focusing on the beauty of each person through imagery, storytelling and community building he aims to humanize the issue of homelessness as a means to ending it.

The ‘Homeless In Seattle’ site currently has over 12,000 followers, representing forty-five countries. It is a project under the nonprofit ‘Facing Homelessness’ of which Rex is the Founding and current Executive Director.


Rex Hohlbein

Facing homelessness