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Cynthia Lair

Author and teacher Cynthia Lair shares a stirring tale about the unexpected benefits of mindful cooking. As assistant professor and Culinary Curriculum Director for Bastyr University, author Cynthia Lair is dedicated to educating people about the benefits of whole foods and their role in developing healthy children, young adults and families. Her cookbooks, Feeding the […]

Dan Diamond, MD

Dr. Diamond currently serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and he is a physician at Harrison Urgent Care Clinics.

Dan Finkel

Dan Finkel wants everyone to have fun with math and has devoted much of his life to understanding and teaching the motivation, history, aesthetics, and deep structure of mathematics.


DANCE This has been bringing young people together for 15 years, to express themselves and understand each others’ cultures and to respect their communities. Performances from Alexander Jackson, a student-turned-teacher and MIA (Misses In Action).

Dani Cone

Seattle pie-maker Dani Cone walks us through her path to pie-making, and how community and family have shaped the way she sees the world and sought out her passions.

Danny Dover

SEO Consultant and author, dedicated to completing list life list.

Daria Musk

A true example of the power of viral and social media, and a likely indicator of the future of the music business, singer/songwriter Daria Musk can lay true claim to the phrase ‘overnight sensation.’

David Horsey

A two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, columnist for Hearst Newspapers and contributing commentator at MSNBC.com, David Horsey has a gift for delivering social and political commentary in a way that truly resonates.

David Schmader

David Schmader is a multi-talented writer, playwright, newspaper columnist, and performance artist.

David Schomer

David Schomer is the founder of Seattle’s Espresso Vivace, a Seattle area coffee shop and roaster known for its high quality of coffee and roasting practices.

Deborah Wang

Deborah Wang is a reporter for KUOW, focusing on politics and government, and host of IN Close on KCTS9.

Dee Boersma

Dr. Boersma holds the Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science at the University of Washington and is the founder and executive editor of Conservation magazine.

Deep Dhillon

Deep is an accomplished technologist with over 18-years of experience conceptualizing, architecting, and deploying multiple advanced networking applications.

Delaney Ruston

Documentary filmmaker Delaney Ruston shares her personal experiences of her father’s mental illness, and the discovery that sharing personal stories have the power to inspire compassion and break the silence to create collaboration and action.

Diane Douglas

Diane Douglas joined CityClub as its executive director in May 2007.

Dimitri Christakis

A pediatrician, researcher, activist and author, Dimitri Christakis’ passion is developing actionable strategies to optimize the cognitive, emotional and social development of preschool children.