Jim Haven

A lifelong daydreamer and former advertising creative, Jim learned from some of the smartest, and most ridiculously creative people in the business before forming a creative agency in Seattle and London. It was this relationship with creativity that inspires change and a chance encounter with Saturn that has sparked his present endeavor.

Jim now has turned his focus skyward co-founding Look Up where he serves as Wondernaut and Executive Director. Look Up explores the power of wonder through art, science and space. The organization is creating collaborative experiences designed to incite curiosity, wonder and further our unrealized potential.


Jim Haven 8:35

Creating purposeful wonder

Inspired by the view through his first telescope of a fuzzy, but awe-inducing glimpse of Saturn, entrepreneur Jim Haven was spellbound by wonder. He is now creating ways to discover and share that sense of wonder with others. Haven’s message to all of us is look up and wonder. A lifelong daydreamer and former advertising […]