Frequently Asked Questions


  • When will the speaker nominations open for 2017?
    • This year’s speaker submission window is from April 10- May 10. We will post information on how to apply in March.
  • How do you decide on speakers?
    • TEDxSeattle, as an independently organized TEDx event, follows the priniciples Chris Anderson outlines in his video, “TED’s secrets to great public speaking.” We encourage anyone interested in becoming a speaker at TEDxSeattle or any TEDx event to watch.


  • When do tickets go on sale?
  • How much are tickets?
    • We have not yet set ticket prices. In 216, tickets were $75 for general admission and we offered a discounted ticket for students at $35. We subsidized the discount through the sale of higher tier ticket prices under the Patron and Partner category.
  • Can I return/exchange/sell my tickets?
    • Tickets are non-refundable.  You can exchange tickets and update registration through our ticketing system.
  • How much are they? Can I get a discount?
    • Tickets are priced in tiers: Partner, Patron, General, and Student. Prices are set each year. Student tickets purchases require a valid student email address (.edu).
  • What’s the difference between Patron and General tickets?
    • TEDxSeattle relies on tickets and sponsor partnerships to cover costs. TED rules do not allow us to accept donations. The Partner and Patron tickets provide money for hard costs such as event space and equipment rental as well as subsidizing the discounted student tickets.
  • Are kids allowed? Are there age minimums? Will teenagers like TEDxSeattle?
    • We work to keep the day engaging for all attendees, with an experience design for your seat and “for your feet” with activities in the hall and in the lobby. Older teenagers will likely get the most out of the event. But you know your kids best. Will they enjoy it? Parents with babies we ask you step into the lobby if the little room starts getting fussy (or silly—any noises that might make it difficult for those nearby to hear the speaker.) We do have monitors in the lobby where you can watch the event and if you need a room for nursing or pumping, contact a TEDxSeattle volunteer.  
  • Is TEDxSeattle a 501(3)c? Are the tickets deductible?
    • Yes, and the cost of a ticket above the general admission is deductible.
  • Is there assigned seating or is it first come, first served? We bought different tiers of tickets, can we sit together?
    • There is no assigned seating. Partner and Patron ticket holders are allowed early access to seating before the day’s opening session. Student ticket seating is in McCaw Hall’s second tier. Other ticket holders can sit with a Student ticket holder as long as there is room. For McCaw Hall’s accessibility details, click here.