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More speaker videos are now online including Architect Scott Wyatt on cubicles, Dr. Jerry Radich on the biology of luck, and former NPR correspondent Elizabeth Arnold on the Arctic Circle

  • TEDxSeattle 2017
  • Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017
  • McCaw Hall, Seattle Center

Featured Speakers

Research biologist and malaria investigator

Alexis Kaushansky

"We know the adage that the sum is greater than the parts. But, what happens when you can’t see or yet understand all of the parts? How can we make progress against infectious diseases when we don’t yet know how infections work?" Full bio
Chief Juvenile Court Judge

Judge Wesley Saint Clair

"In my time as a Judicial officer, I have done my best to model and inspire others to have the courage to say what we’re doing is not working, shifting our focus and not being afraid and trying new, different processes." Full bio
Accidental Theologist

Lesley Hazleton

“Death gives shape to our lives -- creates the narrative arc, from beginning to end, that gives real meaning to the idea of life as a journey, with all its discoveries along the way.” Full bio

All TEDxSeattle 2016 Speakers

Featured Talks

Alexis Kaushansky

Our best hope in fighting global disease is open collaboration

Alexis is a research biologist, but her experience in engineering school and social justice issues before grad school has made her a scientist who looks at social and economic constraints as a path to creativity. She has implemented innovative techniques and made some startling discoveries in the quest for a malaria cure, discoveries that might […]

Andrew Russell

The life-changing power of live theater

For thousands of years, live theater has captivated the human mind. In this funny and revealing talk, Andrew shows why we respond so strongly to the stage and why recognizing its superpower is more important now than ever.

Dr. Jerry Radich

Surviving Cancer: The Biology of Luck

Why are some people “cured” of cancer while others deal with relapses? Answering that question may mean changing the way we think about the disease.

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April 29, 2017 Adventure

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