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Our first speaker video is now available. Celeste Headlee wants to help make America talk again.

When will the rest be ready? We’re working through the editing and review process and will put them on the site as soon as we can.

  • TEDxSeattle 2017
  • Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017
  • McCaw Hall, Seattle Center

Featured Speakers

Radio host, journalist, and singer

Celeste Headlee

Having worked as a radio host for decades, Celeste knows the ingredients of a great conversation. She will share her 10 useful rules. Full bio
Entrepreneur and AI researcher

Oren Etzioni

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of computer methods to solve difficult computational problems. The phrase “an AI” is misleading. Let’s not confuse science with science fiction!" Full bio
Chief Juvenile Court Judge

Judge Wesley Saint Clair

"In my time as a Judicial officer, I have done my best to model and inspire others to have the courage to say what we’re doing is not working, shifting our focus and not being afraid and trying new, different processes." Full bio

All TEDxSeattle 2016 Speakers

Featured Talks

Celeste Headlee 15:21

Help make America talk again

This engaging talk shows how to have conversations with people you disagree with politically or otherwise. With numerous examples and insightful commentary, author, and journalist Celeste Headlee makes the case that we can talk with people who disagree with us, and we must.

Brian Arbogast 16:21

The amazing power of toilet innovation

What’s a technology that could lead to the greatest improvements in health and longevity in the developing world? The toilet.

Acrobatic Conundrum 18:16

Why I ran away to join the circus

A circus performance shows how together we can be greater than the sum of our parts.

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